Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last long weekend was a great experience..

I took a day off on Friday so I could go home, take care of my KTP (that's an ID), Driver Licences (for car & motorcycle), and my NPWP card (a card as a proof that I paid my taxes). It was full actions since the first hour. Stop by here and there, they took my photographs, I paid some money and some extra money (they called it 'ACC' money--> they can name it anything but basically it's a money I have to pay if I want my licences to be issued at the same day, and it won't go anywhere but to the people who think that they are underpaid even though the government has paid them well).

Then Friday night my family and I went to Madiun.. my birthplace town. It was nice... I feel like home. Slow pace life.. and pecel rice they offer which I can guarantee that's the best pecel you can get in the world..

Then the whole family has a 'vacation' to Jogja..
well, not actually a vacation, I proposed a girl so I have to visit her family to ask about that.
We passed through Ponorogo, Wonogiri.. (the panorama along the road was fantastic, so beautiful!) so much better than I thought it would be.

And, just being with my big family was also great feeling. A lot of laughs.. joke.. fun activities.. a lot of things which make me feel happy..
kind of sad to stop all the fun and get back to normal daily activities..

Overall weekend was great. I hate to comeback to Jakarta and get back to reality of hot, humid, poluted, crazy traffic jam, and some are rather 'unfriendly' people on the streets in Jakarta.

Life must go on.. coz those small towns will always be there.. and will always give the best they have to offer to all people who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy it..

it's been ages since the last time I typed in blogger. So many things have been going on...

This past whole year and a couple months, Unilever has been keeping me busy with a lot of scheduling, tasks, problems solving daily operation and et cetera. In a way, it is nice to keep my mind busy. It stimulate my mind to keep thinking, acting, and deciding the most logical and correct way. It greatly developed my personality and my way of thinking.

It used to be so annoying to hear my super ordinate keep asking 'why??' every time I explain something. But then, that's the way to learn. Basically, don't stop asking why until you find the root problem and getting the best or most optimum plan of actions.

Overall, I am happy and enjoying what I have been doing so far..
even though sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and feel that my life is not balance because my works keep taking so many space in my mind and time in my daily life.

but that's life.. I'm sure things will only get better and better.. more and more interesting.
See what life has to offer..

Friday, May 15, 2009

life is so mysterious in it's own way...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

So I've just had my birthday dinner last night at Hotshot in Pacific Place (one of Ritz-Charlton super building block square). What a dumb luck, without expectation the restaurant has 50 percent off program due to 'economic slowdown'. Well, at least that's what it said in their brochures.
Food was alright. The best burger I found in Jakarta so far. Even Burger King and McD in Jakarta have quite different taste compared to the ones in the States.

Afterward, we went karaokeing for an hour. That was fun.

Little story regarding my birthday day, I was working till 10.40 pm!!! That was the longest day I work so far. And the day before that, I work on the assignment till 3 am. So imagine how I was ready to crush when I got home.
However, a bunch of friends were ready at my home for a surprise party. They were waiting since 6 pm and I got home at 11.15 pm!! What a nice bunch.

hmm.. I'm 29 now. If my life was according to plan, I supposed to start family a year ago.. or even better, a couple years ago... I don't know what God's plan on this.. but I am just confuse sometimes.. Things are not in the way I want it, I have been trying to accept it happily but sometimes I just can't...
Well, it's not a perfect world.. sometimes that's an excuse I usually use to make myself better.

Overall, I am happy that I have always been surrounded by nice friends around me. Keeping me cheerful and grateful in whatever situation I am in.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, i just got back from a couple day workshop in Megamendung, Puncak.
Supply Chain of Unilever has three people who are going to have a new post and leave our division so we made a good bye party for them. It was fun.

Then today, start at 8 we have a workshop and presentation till 7.30 pm. What a day!
I am sooo tired but I don't want to sleep. Afteral, tomorrow is a holiday. I don't have to sleep early today and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I told this person not to help me by not contacting me..
but why, every time there is a call or text message
my heart still having the expectation its from that person.
oh.. am I still in that prison?

I inspired by the movie I watched last night: ayat ayat cinta
That 'love' and 'desire to have someone' is two different thing.

I inspired by the novel I finished reading last night: laskar pelangi
how destiny can send people in a lot of direction, just like forest gump

Thursday, February 07, 2008

There is a question I want to ask..

"What should you do when you're stuck doing something you don't like? You want to get out, but you can't because circumstances won't let you"

Monday, February 04, 2008

hmm.. what to write, what to write?!
This friend of mine, Rudi, has opened me into a new world of blogging.
He told me that through blogging you may make some extra cash.
Yup, cold cash, Bro! (wow.. I am already imagining myself sleeping in a bed of paper with picture of Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Lincoln in it) hahaha.. what a dreamer.

Aniway, life's been a little bit challenging. Career and Financial world of mine isn't going as smooth as I would like it to be.
But hey, just like the title of this blog 'because life is simply beautiful', I guess that's part of it,
You'll never know the taste of ultimate sweetness till you taste bitternes.

Let's see what happen next...
it's also part of life that is full of mistery.
(wow.. sounds like a wise man).